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EGSB Anaerobic System

1.Product Model: RTK-EGSB

2.Product Introduction:

EGSB belongs to a third generation anaerobic reactor, whose construction is similar to the UASB reactor. There are two main differences: (1) It has been designed with a specialized return-flow system; (2) With higher height-diameter ratio, it can usually be 3-5.
EGSB is possessed of all of the natures of UASB, and also be possessed of some advantages: (1) The sludge particle is comparatively big and possessed of higher level of shock loading strength; (2) Higher height-diameter ratio and smaller floor space; (3) It can be used to the treatment of high concentration organic waste water.
The RTK miniature EGSB (21 L) reactor can play a role as the fermentation research of simulation manufacturing. Associated with EGSB specialized gas analysis equipment, the users are able to monitor the real-time output and ingredients of methane or biogas during the fermentation process.

3.Product Characteristics
(1)EGSB reactors are made from stainless steel, which are possessed of corrosion resisting and high reliability of operation;
(2)With the double-deck sleeves, EGSB reactor is capable of satisfying the needs of experiments by means of water circulation to control the temperature;
(3)With the three-phase separator, the EGSB reactor is capable of isolating the sludge, water and methane, which can improve the fermentation efficiency;
(4)The user is allowed to use water to deploy pH after the EGSB reactor becomes stable, and the cost will be comparatively low;
(5)The gas analysis equipment of EGSB can help the users to monitor output and ingredients of methane or biogas during the fermentation process, which is beneficial to assess the fermentation efficiency;
(6)EGSB reactors can be added assembly units through customization, which can be used to measure the real-time physicochemical parameter such as pH, ORP, COD etc.

4.Product Configuration
(1)EGSB reactor (Optional quantity)
(2)A piece of EGSB gas analysis equipment