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Agricultural Straw Biogas Testing System

There is an enormous amount of agricultural waste such as various types of straw and energy grass which will generate on a yearly basis in China. However, the incineration disposal will lead to serious environmental pollution. On the contrary, using anaerobic fermentation to produce biogas is capable of not only gaining biomass energy but also avoiding the environmental pollution.
The straw mainly consists of cellulose and semicellulose, which contains a large amount of carbon source. It is a type of comparatively perfect raw material of biogas fermentation. It can be used for wet and dry fermentation due to its comparatively high solid content. 
The pretreatment method of agricultural straw will have an important effect on biogas fermentation. Taking physical method as an example, the smaller the sample granule is, i.e. the larger superficial area contacted by the microorganism, the faster fermentation rate is. Nevertheless, the cost of sample treatment will also increase at the same time. Taking chemical methods as a instance, the acid and alkali treatment are beneficial to destroy the botanic fiber and to improve the fermentation efficiency, but they will also introduce the chemical reagent. As for biological methods, these methods will improve the treatment efficiency but lengthen the cycle meanwhile.
The temperature during anaerobic fermentation process (e.g. high temperature 55℃, medium temperature 37℃, low temperature 25℃), pH, nutrient, carbon nitrogen ratio and so on will all have an enormous impact on the fermentation rate and cost. It is quite significant to optimize, monitor and adjust these parameters. 

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