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Formic Acid Hydrogen Generation System

1.Product Model: RTK-FAH(Formic Acid Hydrogen)

2.Product Introduction

Formic acid is a kind of safe and convenient hydrogen energy source, which is possessed of wide application prospect in chemosynthesis and the stockpile of sustainable energy source. It can serve as the stockpile as well as utilization of energy source in terms of overall background, and as the proton exchange membrane fuel cell in terms of little background. Because hydrogen is a kind of good fuel and is possessed of really high electrochemical activity, people wish to use hydrogen to generate electricity through fuel cell. As a result, people have invented a considerable number of methods to generate and reserve hydrogen, even though most of these methods have a large extent of technical barriers. 
Nevertheless, because the formic acid is characteristic of Gibbs free energy, it will break up into hydrogen and carbon dioxide under NPT. At present, formic acid is the only organism that can be decomposed easily under NPT, and thus it can be large-scale utilized. In addition, with the comparatively simple mechanism, the decomposability and composition of formic acid are merely involved the shift of two electrons. Therefore, it is possible to widely reduce the cost and the difficulty of reaction as well as technology. 
The RTK Formic Acid Hydrogen is capable of measuring the accurate volume of gas output, which is beneficial to the research of formic acid catalysis. The English SCI paper has been published (Nano Energy, 33(2017), 410-417. (IF=11.5)).

3.Product Characteristics
(1)The measurement accuracy can achieve 0.03 mL;
(2)The software is able to measure the real-time gas output automatically online;
(3)The measuring time period is adjustable and can even be adjusted to one time per second, which is the benefit of rapid measurement of gas output during the initial stage of catalysis; 
(4)The measured gas can be collected without any loss for the further analysis and research; 
(5)The measuring channels are expandable, which is the benefit of multiple experiments. The design also promotes the working efficiency at the same time. 

4.Product Configuration 
(1)A piece of Formic Acid Catalysis Hydrogen equipment (software included)